Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to book my cruise and pay for the conference separately? 
Yes, you will book your cruise and conference separately.

I want to bring my whole family with me can they book their cabins at the special conference rates? Yes! You can book cabins for your family and friends, we ask that they request to be added to our group booking. (Booking # 2112170) They do not have to pay for the Conference, they may just book cabins.

What is included in the fare? Your cruise fare includes accommodations, meals, basic beverages, most activities, entertainment, taxes, and port charges.

What isn’t included? You’ll be responsible for anything of a personal nature that you buy—soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, casino gambling, Bingo, photographs, shore excursions, spa treatments, and medical services. It goes without saying that ship-to-shore telephone calls and onboard internet services aren’t included in your fare.
Gratuity is also your responsibility, you may prepay with your cruise booking.

What type of identification do I need? Passports are uniformly accepted worldwide and are the best type of identification. A passport is considered valid if it does not expire within six months of your cruise termination date. At present, the minimum required of US citizens for cruises that leave from and return to the same US port is either a passport; an original or certified copy of a birth certificate and a photo ID; or naturalization papers and a photo ID.

Acceptable photo IDs are: state driver’s license; state, federal, or local government-issued picture ID cards; US company employee ID cards; or ID cards issued by private identification card services. Voter’s registration cards are not adequate on their own but can be used to support your citizenship. Social Security cards are not acceptable for identification purposes.

Non-US citizens who reside in the United States should have a valid Alien Registration (green) card. All others must have a valid passport and any required visas.

Failing to have proper documentation will result in refusal of the cruise line to allow you to board—and no refund! Find out how to apply for a passport. (

What about travel insurance? For peace of mind it is wise to purchase travel insurance.

  • Your regular health insurance plan many not cover you if you must go to a hospital in a non-US port.
  • Since cruises are often booked six months or more in advance, you may suffer unseen circumstances that prevent you from going. Cruise lines strictly enforce their cancellation policies.
  • If your plane to the port city is delayed for any reason, there’s no reimbursement for missed days aboard ship by the air carrier or cruise line.

The cost of travel protection insurance is based on the price of your vacation. Typical coverage for a $1,500 to $2,000 vacation is about $200 per person. You want a comprehensive cancellation-interruption policy that offers reimbursement for cancellation penalty prior to leaving home, plus out-of-pocket compensation.

Will my electrical appliances work? Most modern ships catering to American passengers are equipped with American and European-style outlets for either 110v or 220v appliances. If your ship belongs to a cruise line that caters to a European or International clientele, you may need a plug adapter or a transformer for appliances that are not dual-voltage.

Is there a laundry onboard? Many modern ships are equipped with self-service laundry rooms, but they are not available on all ships. Most ships have laundry and dry-cleaning services and offer one-day service. Why not let them do it for you? After all, you’re on vacation.

Help! Will I get seasick? This really depends on your own personal propensity for motion sickness. Modern cruise ships are stabilized and the most popular cruise areas tend to be in calmer waters, especially true of the Caribbean. However, stabilizers only control the roll (side to side motion) of the ship and if a storm is brewing or waters are rough, you could still experience pitch—the motion of the ocean from bow to stern (front to back). A variety of remedies are available to cure or even prevent mal de mer.

What if I get sick—is medical treatment available? Facilities vary from ship to ship, but qualified physicians and nurses are at hand to provide medical care at customary fees.

How do I pay for extras onboard? Cruising is “cashless”—you will be issued a “charge” card at check in and your purchases will be added to your onboard account. Before the end of the cruise you will be required to settle up with the Purser, either in cash, travelers checks, or with the major credit card you registered upon embarkation. It’s quite possible to spend a week on a cruise ship and spend very little on extras—or a lot. It is customary for a cruise line to put a minimum hold on your credit card.

How do I decide between early and late dinner seating? Most, who are on the cruise with Oceans of Opportunity, will be in the early seating for dinner. You may choose to join in or select your own dinner time.

I have special dietary concerns. Can they be accommodated? Most cruise ship dining room menus have alternative selections for passengers requiring heart healthy, fat-free, low-salt, vegetarian, and other special meals. Spa selections featuring light fare have become common. If you have an unusual dining request, tell your travel agent and ask that the cruise line be contacted to determine if it can be fulfilled. Once on board, double-check with the maitre d’hotel to ensure your satisfaction.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

For all your Conference questions call or email:

Janet Dirmeyer @ 210-364-7548 (

Darlene Dorries-Scrivner @ 361-367-8623 (


For all your Travel questions call or email:

Royal Caribbean Cruise line @ 1800-465-3595, ask for group booking. Our group number is: 2112170.

If I want to mail in my registration form, what address should I use?
Janet Dirmeyer/ Oceans of Opportunity
107 Kings Circle
Comfort, Texas 78013

If I mail in a check, what name do I put on the check?
Oceans of Opportunity