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Midwifery Cruise

I have been receiving questions about the CEU’s for this conference. We are offering 8 hours of CEU’s which will be accredited by a Texas based midwifery association. Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to offer MEAC accredited CEU’s. This is mainly because of a lack of manpower. In the future, if anyone would like to volunteer to take on this project, we would welcome the offer.

Our speakers and topics are as follows:

Anne Frye

Anne Frye has been a pillar in the midwifery communitee for many years. Her contributions to our profession are numerous to say the least. She has authored many educational books that have been used to educate midwives across America and beyond. Midwife text books are not very plentiful. Anne has authored the following books:

Understanding diagnostic tests in the childbearing year 7th ed.

Healing Passage a midwife’s guide to the care and repair of the tissues involved in birth 6th ed.

Holistic midwifery vol 1 care during pregnancy, revised ed.

Holistic midwifery volume 2 care of the mother and baby from the onset of labor (abbreviated subtitle), 2nd ed.

Software: understanding female pelvic anatomy in 3D. Desktop version For windows & MAC and mobile versions for apple and android devices

Anne offers a multitude of amazing reference books!  Visit her at midwiferybooks.com.



Betty-Anne Daviss
Betty-Anne Daviss from Ottawa, Canada is a bit of a Breech Guru. She has attended over 150 Breech births and has been a midwife for over 30 years. She has been published many times. She is an adjunct professor in Women’s Studies at Carleton University in Ottawa and delivers breach babies at Montfort Hospital. I can hardly wait to hear her stories and receive some of the wisdom she brings. It will be exciting!
We are hoping her upcoming book will be available.  It is entitled “Speaking the Truth to Power: Childbirth Models on Human Rights Frontier.  This book was edited with Robbie Davis-Floyd.